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  • Harrison Wilk

The Supreme Court Made the Right Decision Striking Down Affirmative Action

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Main, J. SCOTUS [photograph].

After last week’s flurry of Supreme Court decisions begins another wave of attacks on the institution. Among the decisions, all of which were highly noteworthy, came one that struck down Affirmative Action—ruling that “Harvard and UNC admissions programs cannot be reconciled with the guarantees of the Equal Protection Clause.”. The equal protection clause is a nasty one. Discarding ideas of racism has always been hard for the left. Yet why are we still hearing complaints from the left if they are so anti-racist? The ideology is pretty inconsistent with a dash of ignorance. Inconsistency is the death of ideology. Right, there is the first test of consistency. How can someone be anti-racist and support policies that promote one race over another? Those ideas are obviously and horrendously opposed to one another. 

The Left’s answer to these hypocritical policies is essentially “trust us,” and if you don’t, you might lose your job or your friends. Even asking questions is seen as the highest treason for these people. You will never get a specific barrier, and for example, the ACLU in 2008 wrote when talking about the contention of racial and gender barriers, “Opportunities for women and people of color have expanded, and many believe that the unequal conditions that once justified affirmative action no longer exist. Sadly, this is just not true. Millions of Americans continue to experience race and gender barriers in education, contracting, and employment.”. What barriers? Now we know they can’t articulate these barriers because they would’ve said so right then and there.

What exactly are they getting at, then? They see the unequal outcomes and assume there is some racist and sexist glass ceiling. I want to make something abundantly clear while we’re here as well. It is entirely ok to have unequal outcomes across cultures, as the different ideas of success and happiness are also different. In America, you’re going to get these different cultural interactions, and for the most part, we all get along, but what you can’t do is then blame other races and cultures for your failures. Why do some cultures have to succeed at the same rate as others? On an individual level, there are no barriers but those experienced by you. Maybe you lose someone close to you, maybe you don’t go to the best school, maybe you didn’t grow up with a father. All valid barriers but never felt on a huge racial level where everyone goes through it. The biggest issue with this discussion in the first place is that none of those barriers are forced upon any group aside from schooling.

So as liberals are confused and spinning from the ruling, where does that leave the Court? Some would say they have become beholden to the far-right. Although the Supreme Court has given the right a couple of victories, in my opinion, these victories are objectively closer in line with what our founding document had in mind for the function of our government. The original ruling in Roe v. Wade was an objective attack on the relationship between the states and the federal government. The Constitution is pretty straightforward. If it’s not in the Constitution, the federal government can’t do anything about it. So when you look at STUDENTS FOR FAIR ADMISSIONS, INC. v. PRESIDENT AND FELLOWS OF HARVARD COLLEGE, it is odd how Affirmative Action was upheld for so long. It is almost as if the few who have held the bench continued to ignore the Constitution. The equal protection clause leaves nothing to be desired. You can’t pick and choose your favorite races end of story. How this was able to continue is inexcusable. Welcome to the 14th Amendment; how nice of them to join the rest of the country. 



Very informative. MSM doesn't cover as well.

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