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  • Carlos Turcios

Texas Needs to Ban DEI in ALL Public Schools

Tatum, Carrington ABOTT [Photograph]

Recently Governor Abbott signed a bill into law that will ban diversity, equity, and inclusion offices in every public university in the state. Abbott joins more than a dozen GOP-led states that have passed similar laws. Although it is a major step in removing woke indoctrination in our education system it is not enough. Public Schools were not added to the bill and it is something the state should urgently work on. DEI needs to be removed in every taxpayer-funded education facility which should include public schools.

DEI is a progressive scam to create offices that analyze institutions and society through the lens of critical race theory. Any discrepancy that exists between a “historically marginalized” group to another group that has had “historical power” can only be because of racism. It uses critical theory to view the world and implements such a mindset through teacher training, summits, and student-led group activities. In a nutshell, everything is rooted in racism and all other factors such as family, culture, politics, and economics are to be ignored.

DEI aimed to help “marginalized groups” of students but in reality, no evidence has been shown that such practices have even worked. On the contrary, we've only seen more racial division in the country as a result. The Washington Examiner has reported that more than 75 colleges nationwide have held “black-only graduations.” Cornell Medical provides a course on critical race theory that calls to dismantle “white spaces.” And Disney made its employees do a “White Checklist” which is aimed to move away from “White Dominant Culture.”

Independent School Districts across Texas and other states have spent millions of dollars on DEI programs. Since the 2020 BLM riots America's public schools spent 21 million more dollars on DEI initiatives. Dallas ISD spent 7 million on racial equity in 2019 while Fort Worth ISD has had a budget of over 2 million every year since 2016. Fort Worth ISD has used this money to invite controversial speakers to their summits with Altheria Caldera being quoted stating in the 2020 Equity summit saying, “we internally believe that White is supreme, and it requires a constant process of ridding ourselves of this colonized mentality.”

School districts serve millions of students in Texas alone. DEI is another attempt from the left to hijack the minds of the youth into believing that America is inherently racist and that they play a role to some degree. Whoever controls the minds of the youth will control the future of America. It's nothing more than a chess move by the progressive left to have ultimate power in the future.

The youth will be our next CEOs, members of Congress, and community leaders. And if they carry this mindset that race plays a role in our day-to-day lives America will be in a dark place in the future.

Progressive socialists have hijacked America's education institutions and it is time that conservatives use state power to abolish the very frameworks they have created to keep states like Texas conservative and protect the minds of the youth from left-wing indoctrination. We no longer live in the 1960s, and we have made significant progress in race relations. We move forward as Americans by recognizing our unique talents and skills not by fixating on color.


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