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  • Alyssa Spencer

Taxpayer Dragged Out of School Board Meeting For Showcasing The Explicit Books Allowed In FWISD

Photo from @Carlos__Turcios

On Tuesday evening, taxpayer and Army Veteran Mile Cee was forcibly removed from a Fort Worth ISD school board meeting during his allotted speaking time, where he read aloud an excerpt from the book, Flamer, which was allowed in FWISD schools. As Cee began to read from the first page, he had barely made it through the first sentence when the school board superintendent ordered security to forcibly remove him from the room, and ultimately he was removed from the building.

One of the school board members had given Cee a warning as he began to read the excerpt, stating that if the contents of the excerpt were considered vulgar, he would have to stop speaking. This caused many of the meeting attendees to voice disapproval claiming that if the material was too vulgar for the school board, then it shouldn’t be in the schools.

Before the incident had occurred, multiple speakers got up to accuse local activists of trying to “ban books” and attempted to defend the presence of pornographic and sexually explicit books in school libraries. Fort Worth ISD was recently forced to close their libraries in order to ensure that currently available reading materials are appropriate for minors attending school.

Political Activist, Carlos Turcios, took to the speaker's stand after the incident and shamed the school board for violating Mile Cee’s constitutional rights. Several other speakers that were parents, taxpayers, and teachers shamed the board throughout the meeting for fiscal irresponsibility and using the taxpayer’s dollar to fund unnecessary and even harmful programs in FWISD schools.

One of the programs under scrutiny is known as “My Brothers Keeper”, which is a race focused program that teaches CRT charged ideology. Many of the speakers criticized the school board for deceptively allowing a CRT-like program under a different name. The school board has made previous claims that these programs are necessary in order to bolster student success, however current FWISD stats disagree. Reading and attendance rates are down across the board, and enrollment has decreased.

One parent who spoke during the meeting mentioned that she felt she had to place her son in private school because the public school system had failed her family, and that quality education is no longer provided to the students. She advised the board to “check their politics at the door” and focus on actually teaching the students.

The events of this meeting, like countless others across the country, have demonstrated a clear pattern in the realm of education. Parents have been fighting and airing their various grievances with their school boards and experience persecution and censoring as a result.


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