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Tarrant GOP Resolutions Committee Tables Election Integrity Resolution and Kay Granger Condemnation

Fair Use Screenshot (Bill Eastland Facebook)

The Tarrant GOP Resolutions Committee voted on November 8 to table a resolution “calling for hand counting in March 2024 Republican Primary" (authored by precinct chair Susan Valiant) and another resolution “condemning Congresswoman Kay Granger" (authored by Precinct Chair Carlos Turcios). The committee did however pass three resolutions, one honoring Danna Trowbriges service to the party and the other two taking a stand in support of Israel and condemning Hate/anti-semitism. The last two are authored by precinct chair Sheena Rodriguez.

Susan’s resolution would call for the 2024 GOP primary election in Tarrant county to be handcounted. The resolution States, “The Tarrant County GOP in unison with the National Republican Party’s ‘Return to Excellence in American Voting and Elections’ resolution hereby resolve to tabulate by hand its March 2024 election day primary in accordance with Texas Election Code Section 123.001 (a) and (b) (2) and Chapter 65…” This resolution comes at a time when election fraud has been a hot topic issue and has garnered national attention ever since the 2020 election. Just recently Connecticut has made the news due to surveillance footage showing election fraud taking place at a mayoral race.

Despite election fraud being a major concern for Republican voters, the resolution was criticized by committee members citing cost concerns and manpower. Chairman French did however state, “I'm in favor of exploring it, I don't think it's a bad idea.”

David Lambertson said “it won't work.” And Fred Tate said, “with less than three months notice is a recipe for an absolute disaster.”

Election Integrity Resolution

Turcios’s resolution would call for Tarrant GOP Precinct chairs to officially condemn Kay Granger over her positions such as the Ukraine War, WEF, Chain Migration and so on. Congresswoman Kay Granger recently voted against Jim Jordan’s Speakership vote, and has had an F rating from the conservative review.

David Lambertson a committee member countered this resolution saying, “We should honor her service and goodbye.” Another unnamed committee member disrespectfully said, “Reading this was like reading the obituary of a dead horse.”

Screenshot of the Kay Granger Condemnation Resolution

Several committee members criticized the resolution and even made accusations that resolutions that are critical of elected officials is the reason why raising money can be difficult. Sheena Rodriguez said, “She is still a well-respected role, so no, it did cost us to lose some money.” Sheena would go on to say, “we need as much unity as we can possibly get.”

Despite calls for unity, Sheena Rodriguez had originally submitted a resolution condemning Chairman French and accusing the chairman of “anti-semitic ties.” When asked by a precinct chair why she was willing to put aside party unity to attack chairman French, she emailed doubling down and stating, “the same individuals and political organizations that are pushing numerous of the divisive resolutions, which have resulted in TCGOP from losing substantial donors, are the same individuals/organizations with close affiliation with Mr. French.”

Facebook Screenshot

New Resolution

Despite both resolutions being tabled, precinct chairs are still allowed to bring up their resolutions during new business this upcoming Saturday executive committee meeting.


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