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  • Alyssa Spencer

Tarrant County To Request More Money For Left Wing Organization That Promotes Transgenderism and BLM

Screenshot from Girls Inc. Instagram Page

Left wing activism group Girls Inc. which has been funded by Tarrant County since 2007 is on the agenda for the October 3rd, 2023 Commissioners Court agenda. They plan to request an additional $675,000 in funding for this group.

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County is part of a larger national network that trains young girls to promote and fight for progressive, left wing policies. Available on their website is the advocacy platform that they promote. One of the goals of this organization is to promote inclusive sexual education programs and claims that teaching abstinence is harmful: “Millions of dollars of federal funding have been squandered on Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage sex education programs, which are ineffective and harmful. These programs withhold important sexual health information from youth and provide medically inaccurate information that compromises young people’s healthy sexual development. They often promote gender stereotypes associated with negative sexual health behaviors, and they fail to provide pertinent sexual health information to sexually active adolescents and those already pregnant or parenting. These programs also stigmatize sexually active young people by implying that those who have sex are less worthy than their abstinent peers. Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage sex education marginalizes and systematically ignores the needs of sexual minority youth, including LGBTQ+ adolescents.”

The advocacy platform also alleges that students of color are disproportionately subject to disciplinary practices:

“Research shows that punitive and exclusionary discipline practices are harmful for all students, and especially for students of color, who are disproportionately subjected to such practices. Girls of color in particular face some of the greatest barriers to educational opportunities due to racism and sexism embedded into school codes of conduct, discipline policies, and dress code policies.”

Additionally it claims: “Girls of color are suspended, expelled, referred to law enforcement, and arrested for minor, subjective offenses at a disproportionate rate, even as early as preschool.4 Evidence shows that schools suspend Black girls more often than they suspend white girls for minor and subjective offenses like dress code violations, “defiance,” or “disobedience,” which may be informed by implicit biases and race- and sex-based stereotypes.5 Suspending such behavior also fails to take into account the potential role of unaddressed trauma or mental health issues.”

The platform also indicated that dress codes are “discriminatory”: “Additionally, dress and grooming codes often target hairstyles or headwear associated with Black culture, such as hair wraps, bonnets, Bantu knots, locs, do-rags, and hair combs, or they are enforced disproportionately against Black students.” 

Girls Inc. also advocates against police presences at schools claiming that the police don’t actually keep the children safe. They claim that School Resource Officers (SROs) don’t actually prevent crimes like school shootings: “Although advocates for the presence of police—or Schools Resource Officers (SROs)—in schools say SROs are meant to protect children, they can actually have the opposite effect by escalating minor disciplinary matters. A major policy argument in favor of SROs is the need for SROs to handle active shooter situations, but there’s little to no evidence that the presence of SROs in schools prevents school shootings.

Funding for these programs will be up for discussion on October 3rd, 2023. In order for the agenda item to not pass, only 3 people on the Commissioners Court have to reject it.

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07 de out. de 2023

as a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself!! the fact that you’re capable of peddling such lies and write such vitriol about an organization that has been helping and empowering disadvantaged brown and black girls for nearly half a century is simply pathetic, apathetic and,more importantly, cruel.

but that’s the point, right?

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