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  • Carlos Turcios

Tarrant County Judge Tim O'Hare is Keeping Tarrant County Red and Democrats are Afraid

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Suarez, M. (2022). Republican Tim O'Hare will lead a Tarrant County Commissioners Court with a conservative majority after defeating Democrat Deborah Peoples [photograph]. KERA News.

Since Tim O'hare won the County Judge position for Tarrant County, County Judge O'hare has implemented his campaign promises very early on. County Judge O'Hare created the election integrity taskforce alongside Sheriff Bill Waybourn and Tarrant County District Attorney Phil Sorrels. The task force was something grassroots conservatives had been pushing since the 2020 election due to concerns about fraud and other problems in the election process. Tim ended the COVID-19 disaster declaration immediately when his term started, an unconstitutional emergency declaration that had been active for almost three years. County Judge O'Hare voted with the other two conservative county commissioners to eliminate the unconscious bias training that was required for all Tarrant County employees. Unconscious bias training pushed the divisive notion that people are inherently prejudiced and discriminate without realizing, in other terms, a leftwing conspiracy. County Judge O'hare called for an investigation into an all-ages drag show that occurred in Fort Worth.

County Judge O'Hare, due to his bold conservative moves very early into his first term, has been attacked by the leftwing media locally and statewide. The spread of hit pieces has been relentless, from the Fort Worth Weekly to the Texas Tribune. And it reached the point where the former Tarrant County Democratic Party Chair has threatened to sue County Judge O'Hare. Several Democrat leaders in the county have asked the DOJ to investigate Tarrant County for the false " voter suppression conspiracy theory."

Democrats are panicking because, for the first time in a long time, Tarrant County now has a County Judge with a backbone and one that is willing to implement conservative policies by using the power that the people gave him.

Tarrant County is the battleground for Texas and the nation. Tarrant County is the largest red county in Texas and the last Major Urban county that still leads Conservatively. Keeping Tarrant County red will require bold conservatives such as Tim O'hare leading the county and pushing back against the leftwing mob trying to take over the county. And I am confident that as long we have conservative solid leaders leading the county, the county will be able to withstand the cultural revolution from the radical left. And preserve and expand the conservative values that built this grand county.


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