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  • Alyssa Spencer

Senator Ted Cruz Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attacks Against Israel

Today the office of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, made a statement sharply condemning the acts of terrorism committed by the Iran-funded group, Hamas:

“On Saturday the world witnessed the largest mass murder of Jews on any day since the Holocaust. Iran-controlled Hamas terrorists used Nazi tactics in pursuit of Nazi ends: house-to-house murders of entire families, systematic rape and torture, murdering babies in front of their parents or killing parents and kidnapping babies, mass kidnappings, marching victims through streets for mob humiliation, and countless other atrocities.


“Thousands of Israelis and a still-unknown number of citizens from other countries are dead, wounded, or kidnapped. Dozens of Americans are reportedly among them.


“Our Israeli allies announced overnight that they are shifting from retaking their territory to an offensive. The United States must ensure that Israel has all the weapons and all the time that it needs to utterly eradicate Hamas, and we must be unambiguous about that commitment.


“Instead, this weekend the State Department repeatedly posted statements and summaries calling for premature ceasefires and for Israel to stand down, while other times Biden administration officials said they were not pressuring Israel. This ambiguity badly undermines our ally’s campaign against the Iran-controlled terrorists in the Gaza Strip, endangering the safety and security of Israelis and Americans.”

Hamas began their attacks against Israel on Friday evening and have not ceased all weekend. These attacks are happening merely a month after the Biden Administration agreed to send $6 billion to Iran. The Hamas terrorists have confirmed that Iran funded their attacks on Israel. 

Many people from other nations who were visiting Israel have also been murdered in the terrorist attacks, including several Americans. Many Conservative politicians and commentators have expressed unwavering support for Israel. Congressman Matt Gaetz posted on X (formerly known as Twitter):

“Hamas has no positive vision for anything. They are purveyors of ruin and evil. Israel has a right to defend itself.”

Conservative commentator from the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, sharply rebuked the actions of the Hamas terrorists: “Terrorists hide behind civilians. This is what Hamas does. Every ounce of blood is on their hands.”


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