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  • Joseph Porter

Senate Candidate Allred Fact-Checked by MSNBC, Falsely Claims Senator Cruz Can Block Nomination

FILE - Rep Colin Allred, D-Texas, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Allred says he'll run for the U.S. Senate in 2024, becoming an early challenger to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Manuel Balce Ceneta

Last Thursday, a Democratic Senate Candidate for the State of Texas, Colin Allred released an Op-Ed on MSNBC attacking his incumbent opponent by falsely claiming Senator Cruz placed a hold on the confirmation of Biden’s Appointment for Israel’s Ambassador, Jack Lew. 

Under Senate rules, it is impossible for a Senator to place a hold on a confirmation before passing a committee vote. After such an egregious misdirection of the facts by former NFL star Allred, MSNBC issued a correction on his behalf ruining the argument of the article. 

The White House issued the nomination of Jack Lew as Ambassador to Israel on September 5th. In the wake of the recent attacks on Israel by the Palestinian Terrorist Group known as Hamas, many lawmakers have called to expedite Lew’s confirmation. A nomination for a foreign ambassador will always be sent to the Foreign Relations Committee, of which Senator Cruz is a member. The Chairman of the Committee is responsible for scheduling confirmation hearings that occur before there is even an opportunity for the entire Senate to weigh in. The current Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman,  Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), has been embroiled in a corruption scandal since the summer

In a  statement released on X by Cruz Spokeswoman Macarena Martinez de Aldecoa, de Aldecoa claims that “Colin Allred wants to be a Senator but he doesn't know anything about how the Senate works. His flak keeps tweeting that Ted Cruz is holding an ambassador before a hearing (not how any of this works). Tonight he tried to publish it on MSNBC - which just issued a correction.” 

The continued delay of Jack Lew’s confirmation is not due to any obstruction by the Republican party. Senators who have made public statements opposing the appointment of Jack Lew find they have little power to slow down or even block the nomination. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) claimed that Jack Lew is “an Iran sympathizer,” citing Lew’s work in the Obama Administration: “Absolutely not. Jack Lew is an Iran sympathizer who has no business being our ambassador. It’s bad for the United States. It’s bad for Israel to have an Iran sympathizer as our ambassador to that country. He helped Iran evade American sanctions, and he lied to Congress about it. He defended the Obama administration’s refusal to use our veto … in the final days of the Obama administration to protect Israel from anti-Semitic resolutions.”


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