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Rick Barnes Withdraws from County Commissioner Race to Pursue Second Run for Tax Assessor

TARRANT COUNTY - Tarrant County Republican Party Chair Rick Barnes has withdrawn his candidacy for Tarrant County Commissioner Precinct 3 and instead declared his intention to run for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.

Barnes, a seasoned candidate, has sought public office on multiple occasions. His political journey includes runs for Keller City Council and Tri County CoOp, both resulting in contrasting outcomes. Barnes initially vied for the Tarrant County Republican Party Chair position but eventually dropped out to compete for the Tax Assessor-Collector role. Although unsuccessful in that race, he later won the Tarrant County Republican Party Chair seat, which he currently holds. Barnes has now chosen to withdraw from the County Commissioner race to make a second attempt at the Tax Assessor-Collector position.


Current Tax Assessor-Collector Wendy Burgess posted this to her Facebook account after hearing that Barnes jumped into the race.

Tarrant County Judge Tim O'Hare endorsed Rick Barnes for the County Commissioner race, stating that he was the only suitable candidate for the job. With Barnes now shifting his focus to the Tax Assessor-Collector race, O'Hare will need to reassess his endorsement.



As the race for County Commissioner Precinct 3 unfolds, the two remaining candidates: Jimmy Pollozani, a Fort Worth Police Officer and David McClelland, former Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Chief of Staff. Both candidates bring unique strengths and a dedication to public service to the table.


Pollozani, a first-time candidate, boasts a strong record of community service. He has demonstrated unwavering commitment to organizations such as Brotherhood of the Fallen, which supports families of fallen officers, and has been extensively involved in youth outreach programs targeting underprivileged communities.


David McClelland, another first-time candidate, has a notable history of supporting community youth outreach programs. As the former Chief of Staff for Sheriff Bill Waybourn, McClelland played a pivotal role in implementing initiatives that fostered positive relationships between law enforcement and the community. His involvement in various community outreach programs showcases his dedication to addressing social issues and improving the lives of Tarrant County residents.


As the race for County Commissioner Precinct 3 unfolds, Tarrant County voters face a critical decision. They must weigh the merits of candidates who make a career out of running for multiple offices against those with backgrounds in business and public service. The outcome of the election will shape the county's future direction and reflect the desires of voters for their elected representatives. Ultimately, it will be up to the voters to decide who best represents their interests and values as they cast their ballots in the upcoming election.



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