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  • Kyrie Minor

Pope Francis Removes Texas Conservative Bishop Joseph Strickland


AP News has reported that Pope Francis has removed the Bishop of Tyler Joseph Strickland. Strickland has been a polarizing figure in the US Catholic hierarchy being a vocal conservative on social media.

Strickland has been critical of the Pope due to social issues such as the Popes plan on welcoming better LBGTQ Catholics. Strickland had tweeted in the past criticism of the pope such as one tweet earlier this year where he tweeted, ""undermining the deposit of faith."

Strickland removal came after the Vatican ordered an investigation revolving the leadership of the Bishop.

Pope Francis over the past several years has gravitated towards a leftward position regarding social issues. He has recently said that Transgender people can be baptized and be godparents. The Pope has called US Catholics of being "backwards." And has been liberal when it comes to border policies insisting that borders are to be points of contact and not "separation."


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