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  • Caitlyn Burge-Surles

Motion to Dismiss Paxton Impeachment Fails in Majority GOP TX Senate

Two motions by Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawyer failed this afternoon after two votes of 24-6 and 22-8 in the GOP majority Texas senate pushed Paxton’s impeachment to trial.

Paxton’s lawyer Tony Buzbee requested a complete dismissal of the 20 impeachment counts, citing a lack of evidence supporting the impeachment claims. AG Paxton is being impeached for a variety of allegations including abuse of the open records process, termination of whistleblowers, misuse of public funds, and employment of a mistress.

In what AP News has called “the first impeachment proceedings in Texas in nearly a half-century,” the motions failed with respectively 24 and 22 “nay” votes.

Among the Republican senators to support every motion were Sen. Tan Parker of Flower Mound and Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels.

Senators Brian Birdwell of Granbury and Bryan Hughes of Mineola supported some of the motions but not all.

Siding with Democrat senators (in which group there was no support for Buzbee’s motions) were Sen. Kelly Hancock of North Richland Hills and Mayes Middleton of Galveston.

Paxton was impeached in May and his pay suspended. One of his impeachment counts details abuse of the open records process, stating “Specifically, Paxton directed employees of his office to act contrary to law by refusing to render a proper decision relating to a public information request for records held by the Department of Public Safety and by issuing a decision involving another public information request that was contrary to law and applicable legal precedent.”

A further impeachment count accuses Paxton of terminating whistleblowers who reported Paxton’s protections of wealthy donor Nate Paul to the FBI in 2020. Paul has been indicted for seeking $172 million in fraudulent loans.

Paxton is also accused of accepting a bribe from Paul in return for Paul’s employment of Laura Olson, the former girlfriend of San Antonio councilman Clayton Perry and alleged mistress of Paxton.

Supporters of Ken Paxton have traveled to see the Austin trial and continue to back Paxton regardless of the accusations, especially in Paxton’s home Collin County.

Donald Trump, Jr. voiced his support for Paxton in a tweet this morning saying “Today marks another milestone in Ken Paxton’s career of fighting the Austin Swamp and Establishment. Ken will survive and will continue to combat the Swamp in Texas to put America First.”

The 20 articles of impeachment against AG Paxton can be read here.

This is a developing story.


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