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Major Shakeup in Tarrant GOP as Conservative Outsider wins Tarrant GOP Chair Race

Photo Credit Kenya Alu

Tarrant GOP Precinct chairs elected Bo French as their next Tarrant GOP Chair. Bo ran on a platform that would empower precinct chairs and change the status quo in TCGOP.

Bo ran against two other candidates, Tarrant GOP Treasurer Fred Tate and Attorney Warren Norred. Tarrant GOP Precinct chairs had two rounds of voting. Fred received backing from Moderate Republucan leaders such as TCGOP Finance Chair Mona Bailey. And Warren received backing from other grassroots conservative leaders. The first round saw Fred Tate win 57 votes, Warren Norred 72 votes, and Bo French with 94 votes.

Fred Tate and Warren Norred at the TCGOP Chairman Candidate Forum - Photo Credit: Rosalie Escobedo

In an attempt to defeat Bo French, Fred Tate dropped out of the race after the first round and endorsed Warren Norred. Despite getting the endorsement from Tate, Warren failed to win in the second round as he received 104 votes compared to Bo's 118 votes.

Bo experienced negative attacks through text messages and emails. Text message campaigns would allege that Bo tried to “steal” American Sniper Chris Kyles's company after his death. And in another negative campaign attack, a precinct chair would email alleging that Bo was associated with anti-Semitic radicals like Nick Fuentes.

Smear Campaign Email Blast by Precinct Chair CZ Coy

Text Message Smear Campaign Example

Despite the smear campaign Bo managed to win both rounds with the most votes. And earn the support of many grassroots activists in the party. Bo also received endorsements from strong conservative activists and elected officials such as Nate Schatzline, Tony Tinderholt, Don Huffines, and Jeff Cason.

Huffines endorsement

Bo has stated his plan for Tarrant GOP, “My goal is simple: bring Republicans together around our conservative platform and principles and to defeat any attempt by Democrats to take Tarrant County and implement the same failed policies that they’ve used in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.”


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