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  • Carlos Turcios

Local Fort Worth Christian Market Faced Protest from LGBTQ Activists

Photo from Carlos Turcios

Fort Worth's local Christian Roots Market has faced weeks of protests from LGBTQ activists ever since the market decided to cut ties with a local business that did not align with the market's biblical values.

Roots Market emailed The Lucky Pot Co the following; "Our business (the Market) has values just like any other business..." And it goes on to say, "Our values are biblically based, we do not have the same views as LBGTQ+."

Roots Market which is comprised of Christian-owned businesses has the right to not do business with a vendor they don't agree with as it is their religious and free speech right.

Protestors would line up in front of the market holding signs that would say, “Hate thy neighbor said Jesus never.” Other signs would say “do not shop here,” while other said “love has no gender.”

Photos from Carlos Turcios

Despite the LGBTQ activists, there was a counter-protest by people that support the Roots Market. Counter-protesters would wave the Texas and American flags. And signs would say, “stop grooming children.”

Photos from Carlos Turcios

Italia De La Cruz a former city council candidate and LUCA member commented about the event, “We’re living in times where we need to stand up for our constitutional rights. The LGBT community boycotting a conservative market is the equivalent to hate , something they profess to be against. I’m glad Roots Market took a stand for biblical values and didn’t waiver regardless of the “backlash”. We pledge to support businesses like Roots Market for defending our Constitutional rights. They received free marketing and more sales so at the end of the day, everything worked out in their favor.”

Despite the protests by the LGBTQ activists, the Market continued on with business and consumers were not disturbed.


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