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  • Alyssa Spencer

L.A. Police Union VP Tells Police Officers To Leave City

The vice president of a top Los Angeles police union encouraged officers to ditch the city and find work elsewhere during unsuccessful salary negotiations with the city. (Los Angeles Police Protective League)

The last 3 years (2020 in particular after the death of George Floyd) have been marked by increasing anti-police sentiment and rising crime rates. Many cities have pushed police officers to the point where they either retire early or move to cities that are more pro-law enforcement, and Los Angeles is certainly no exception. 

The Los Angeles Police Union Vice President, Jerretta Sandoz, made a comment on Facebook that has since been deleted, that suggested to LA police officers that they should leave LA and go somewhere “where your worth is understood.” The Los Angeles Times obtained a screenshot of the comment before it was deleted which stated this:

"Go somewhere that respects the work you do and you don't have to beg for a great contract, go somewhere that has a city council or city manager that openly acknowledges the great work you do, go somewhere that doesn't have Two or more City Council members who hate you (no exaggeration)."

The comment in question seems to have come about due to police salary contract negotiations dragging on. The comment caused quite the stir within the police department as many have questioned why a senior official of the police union would encourage officers to leave, when the city has lost 1,000 officers since 2019 and recruitment numbers sink. 

This sentiment follows a national trend of police officers fleeing predominantly democrat-run cities in order to work in cities where the policies are more supportive of local law enforcement. Some of these policies have included things like defunding police departments and releasing more criminals out on bail, which in turn makes police work appear obsolete in many cases. 

Cities that have opted to defund their police departments have had notable upticks in crime during the last couple of years. States like California and Oregon have struggled to keep companies from leaving their states due to their stores getting continuously looted and robbed.

Some Republican politicians have even offered different policies or methods of assisting officers with relocating to more law-enforcement friendly states. Florida Governor, Ron Desantis, offered a $5,000 dollar bonus to out of state recruits which led to many police officers relocating from a liberal New York to a more conservative Florida.

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass,  has expressed concern over current recruitment numbers and has proposed different budget proposals to help get recruitment back on track:

"This budget supports urgent efforts to also grow the police department to make up for attrition to reach an end of the year size of 2,500 (new) officers," Bass said. "This is an ambitious goal, but we must be bold to change the downward trend in the size of the LAPD as we work to restore the department to its full size."

 It remains to be seen whether or not these budget proposals are enough to both recruit and retain police officers as crime and anti-police sentiment continue in the city.


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