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Ken Paxton's Defense Team Denounces Impeachment Proceedings as a Political Farce

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Renowned attorney Tony Buzbee, who leads the defense for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in his impending impeachment trial, fiercely refuted the allegations against Paxton during the team's inaugural press conference held on Wednesday. Buzbee labeled the proceedings as a sham and condemned House lawmakers who voted in favor of impeachment, asserting that the charges were baseless and politically motivated.

Speaking at the state GOP headquarters in Austin, Buzbee criticized the lack of transparency in the investigation into the third-term attorney general and dismissed the impeachment articles laid out by the House as mere fabrication. "The allegations are untrue. They are false," Buzbee confidently stated. He further declared that Paxton would never be convicted by the Senate, emphasizing the insubstantial evidence and flawed record presented against his client.

Attorney Dan Cogdell, another prominent Houston lawyer who is already defending Paxton against separate state securities fraud charges, has joined Paxton's defense team, as announced during the press conference. Buzbee anticipated protracted proceedings if the case is not swiftly dismissed, highlighting their preparation to question 66 witnesses and gather thousands of documents.

"If this case does not get summarily dismissed, we are prepared for a long fight," Buzbee affirmed. He alleged that the entire impeachment process was orchestrated by someone harboring a personal vendetta against Attorney General Paxton, vowing to expose the true motivations behind the allegations even if it takes a year.

Since his impeachment by fellow Republicans in the Texas House last month, Paxton has largely maintained silence. The impeachment charges against him accuse Paxton of accepting bribes and abusing his office to benefit a campaign donor who was under FBI investigation. Paxton, the first statewide official to be impeached in over a century, characterizes the proceedings as an attempt to undermine the will of the voters.

Notably absent from the news conference was Ken Paxton himself, who has been suspended from his position without pay until the trial concludes. His lawyers did not disclose the details of their compensation.

Paxton's legal team will face formidable opponents in renowned lawyers Dick DeGuerin and Rusty Hardin, who have been selected by the House impeachment managers to present the case for Paxton's removal. The House Committee on General Investigating began discreetly scrutinizing Paxton in March following his request for $3.3 million to settle a whistleblower lawsuit. The probe was made public just days before the impeachment vote.


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