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Is Texas House Representative Craig Goldman planning to Replace Kay Granger?

Photo from Carlos Tu

Major news came out this past Halloween that Congresswoman Kay Granger will not be running for re-election according to the Fort Worth Report. Granger has been in CD-12 since 1997 and is the chair of the House Appropriations Committee. Granger is a giant when it comes to Texas politics and her announcement has sent shockwaves and speculation as to who she will pick to replace her.

A powerful person such as Granger won't leave her seat unless she has a replacement already in mind. Word is already circulating that House District 97 State Representative Craig Goldman might be that one candidate for Kay.

What's fueling this speculation even more is the fact that Craig Goldman has recently sent out several mailers attacking Biden and DC Democrats. One mailer says “Bidens Boder is flooding Texas with Drugs and Illegal Immigration.” And the other one says “While Biden Democrats Raised taxes on middle-class families, Craig Goldman passed the largest property tax cuts in history for Texas families!”

Photo from Carlos Turcios

Regarding whether he will run or not, The Fort Worth Report quoted Goldman stating, "As far as my political plans go, I’m honored and humbled by all who have reached out and will have a decision made very soon.”

Goldman has not had a solid record as state representative. He voted this past January to elect Dade Phelan against to the speaker role. And this past May voted to impeach Ken Paxton despite its unpopularity among conservative groups.


Another name that's been floated around is Manny Ramirez. Manny is currently Tarrant County Commisioner and was recently sworn in this past January.

Currently at this stage America First Candidate John O'Shea is the only candidate running for CD-12. John O'Shea has been endorsed by America First Attorney General Ken Paxton.


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