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Galileo Church Faces Backlash for Busing Minors Out of State to Get Sex Change Surgeries

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Footage from the Galileo Protest

Galileo Church is challenging the SB14 law which prohibits Texas minors from getting transgender surgeries in Texas. SB14 does not prohibit however residents or organizations in Texas from sending minors out of state to get transgender surgeries.

Protestors were predominantly Hispanic residents from the DFW metroplex. Protestors would carry signs that said, “Stop Grooming Children” or “Protect Kids!”

Photo from @Carlos__Turcios LUCA Advocacy Director

There was a small counter-protest by churchgoers and nearby residents waving the transgender flag. Police officers from Kennedale actively made sure that both sides did not interfere with their first-amendment demonstrations.

Photo from @Carlos__Turcios LUCA Advocacy Director

LUCA Advocacy Director Carlos Turcios posted online, “Latinos United for Conservative Action protested today at the Fort Worth Galileo Church for busing minors out of state to get child genital mutilation surgeries. This loophole should be illegal in Texas and we hope that state legislators pass a law that outlaws this loophole!”

The Texas Special Session starts today and legislators will be focusing on a wide variety of topics ranging from School Choice to Border security. LUCA activists hope that legislators pass a law that will fix this loophole and protect Texas kids.

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Nov 12, 2023

I think it is absolutely the right of groups to peacefully protest. However I have researched the North Texas TRANSportation Network and I would encourage you to dial down the blatantly untrue rhetoric. This organisation is an intermediary for raising funds for families who wish to receive healthcare for their minor youngsters and that healthcare does in no way extend to surgery. I would like to believe this is just poor research on your part, in which case you will correct the inaccuracy. Unfortunately it is probably deliberate and designed to cause outrage. I’m addition, although it appears Galileo Church is supportive of this initiative it is an independent non-profit that is doing this work.

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