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  • Alyssa Spencer

Fort Worth Racial Equity Committee Makes Push For Race-Based Hiring

Screenshot from the FWISD Talent Management Presentation

The Fort Worth ISD Racial Equity Committee (REC) has been hard at work trying to keep diversity, equity and inclusion practices active in the FWISD system. They appear to be aiming to take it even further by promoting the hiring of teachers for the district based on job applicants' race.

Fort Worth ISD has had controversy due to its stance on racial equity over the past several years. In 2021 the former co-chair of the racial equity committee resigned after it was revealed that the co-chair doxxed several parents due to a disagreement over masks. Despite the evidence and national controversy, the committee defended Norma Garcia Lopez.

According to FWISD Watchdog, Dr. Mia Hall who is the Executive Director for Strategic Recruitment published research slides that state: “When students of color have a teacher of the same race or ethnicity or speak their first language….more likely to attend school...” The slide shows how having the same race as the teacher apparently leads to "positive" outcomes. Dr. Mia Hall is currently a Democrat candidate for Tarrant County Commissioners Precinct 1.

Mia Halls LinkedIn

It continues to say on the next slide: “The benefits of having a Black teacher for just 1 year in elementary school can pay dividends over several years.” It goes on to say that the vision for FWISD is that “Fort Worth ISD’s instructional workforce reflects our students’ racial and linguistic diversity.”

Screenshot from the FWISD Talent Management Presentation

This issue has sparked concern amongst locals in Fort Worth who worry that this approach to hiring teachers could lead to segregated classrooms, if taken too far. There is also concern that the school district will choose to hire a teacher based on race, even if there is a more qualified candidate of a different race. If done it will directly violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The Fort Worth Watchdog post also states that “There have been rumors that Dr. Ramsey is wanting to hire fewer white teachers and administrative positions, which her terminating Jerry Moore, Joseph Coburn and Todd Vesely may make the rumors hold some truth.”

Last year FWISD Superintendent Ramsey said in a LULAC meeting that “The truth is that black, brown, and poor kids in this country do not get the education they deserve because we’re in a system that wasn’t built for us.” The rhetoric that Fort Worth ISD has echoed is one that minority students need more resources due to “systemic racism”. And as a result has led to protests and media coverage.

Fort Worth ISD controversies over Race has led to resignations. Last year the FWISD Racial Equity Department Director Sherry Breed resigned as well as former superintendent Scribner due to these issues.

Despite Texas law banning CRT in classrooms, there is currently no law in Texas that bans DEI in public schools at the moment. Only time will tell if the next special session provides an opportunity for such a law to become a reality.


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