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  • Carlos Turcios

Fort Worth Progressive City Council Members are Dividing the City

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Fort Worth City Councilmember Elizabeth Beck

The 2021 Fort Worth City Council elections showed a progressive rise in Fort Worth. With Kelly Allen Gray and Jungus Jordan defeated, the Council now has three progressive council members. Although their victories were historical, it is no surprise that their anti-police and progressive agenda is starting to divide the city and the Council.

In the spring of 2022, the Fort Worth City Council voted 5-3-1 to accept a federal grant to buy an armored vehicle for the police department. The money would not have come from the city as it would be federal dollars. The Fort Worth Police Officer Association President stated how the extra vehicle was needed to keep officers safe. Fort Worth experienced 112 homicides in 2021, a 27-year high for the city. So the police needed this extra help.

Unfortunately, the three newly elected progressives voted against public safety. The vote showed they were unwilling to get the city an extra armored vehicle for the police department. If they had a severe issue with this small motion, they would for sure vote to defund the police and restrict the police department later. And why? To pander to their small progressive base? After all, that base is tiny, as nearly 75% of Americans support current police spending or increasing the expenditure. Something that progressives do not support.

The Progressives also politicized the redistricting process to their benefit. Jared Williams from district six has removed Como from District 3, Michael Crain's district. And Elizabeth Beck and Chris Nettles diluted the Hispanic vote in their districts to keep power. If the progressive squad was indeed for representation, why do this? And suppose they were serious about Latino representation. In that case, they should've resigned and allowed Hispanics to run for their seats since they were the majority before redistricting happened in their districts.

In August 2021, the progressive squad pushed a mask mandate for anyone inside city government buildings. Fortunately, the motion was defeated in a 5-4 vote as Gyna Bivens was the deciding vote. The city was divided on this issue as people from both sides came to city hall to voice their concerns or support the resolution.

The Progressive Squad once again tried to attack the Fort Worth Police Department this past November in 2022 when they pushed to have an oversight committee that would have barred law enforcement from joining and even the relatives of law enforcement. The Progressive squad would use race as a political tool to try and silence the opposition by shaming them. They would even use it to pressure Council Member Flores to vote for this politicized social justice committee. The motion was defeated in a 5-4 vote as Carlos Flores was the deciding vote.

Progressive Council members such as Williams have been in controversy due to accusations of using campaign funds to pay himself. Williams paid $5,830 to Blackland & Meadows Consulting, a consulting group that Williams is a Co-Owner. Despite the troubling reports Williams as well as the other Progressive Councilmembers won re-election this past May.

And Lastly, the Progressive Squad has decided to try grooming Fort Worth Kids this June 2023 as Elizabeth created a Pride Badge for kids despite Mayor Parker removing the Pride badge from the Citywide library program, arguing that parents were the ones to decide what was best for their kids to read.

Our city council needs to support law enforcement all the time. The progressive squad has created controversy and division in the city. From masks to anti-police rhetoric, the three councilmembers have done a disservice to the city. As the crime rate has increased and with inflation and geopolitical turbulence sending ripple effects across the globe, time for stability and pragmaticism is needed. It is hypocritical to say that you are against gerrymandering but are willing to make an island out of Como to be in District 6. Or say that you support police but vote down one armored vehicle for the police department and support a committee that would have barred police officers from joining. And not to mention, go against basic biology and say that men can menstruate, as Elizabeth Beck started in a June 2022 meeting.


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