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Fort Worth Marches and Rallies to Support Israel

Photo from Carlos Turcios

A stir in Fort Worth was made this past Sunday during a Pro-Israel march against anti-semitism through the inner city. Hundreds gathered together in their support, Christians and Jews alike. Shouts, prayers, cries, and the blow of Jewish shofars could be heard echoing through the streets. Weeping could be heard in parts of the march, many clutching the posters of Israeli hostages. Passerbys would stare at the assembly in awe or agreement, others taking offense and shouting back in anger.

Some had made more of a scene than others.

“From the river to the sea… make no mistake… this is a calling for our genocide,” announced Dallas Jewish Conservatives founder Benji Gershon. “‘Never again’, is now.”

The streets were bright blue with Texans in support of Israel, marching from JFK Memorial to the Fort Worth County Courthouse, where they would hold their rally.

Photo from Carlos Turcios

Carlos Turcios, a head organizer for the rally spoke to the crowd, his degree in history emphasizing the direness of the situation.

At the start of the rally, three young women, supposedly just passing through, saw the rally and had decided to rush the stage, shoving their way through the crowd and screaming, “free Palestine” and “why do you kill children”.

While the speakers had announced to the rally to ignore the girls, emotions were simply too high. The crowd hastily gathered to shoo away the interlopers, shouting matches bursting almost instantaneously. Yet oddly enough, one of the young women was seen smiling and laughing as she was driven off.

Photo from Carlos Turcios

Antisemitic woman laughing as she is driven away

Luckily, the situation was quickly de-escalated by police security and the women were escorted away from the scene. Even so, the event had left many shaken, yet still seemed to prove the point and strengthen the resolve of the attending supporters.

Rachel Rudolph, the wife of an Israeli immigrant, in a twist of events, had prayed for the young women and all those misled to have been standing in their same position. “Do not blame them, they have been brainwashed by the system… It is our job to spread the truth.”

(Speaker Mark Fulmer) Photo from Carlos Turcios

Photo from Carlos Turcios

A variety of speakers came to show their support, words of wisdom, even sang beautiful songs in Hebrew. It was a time of unity despite the shouts of any passerby opposition. Patriot Mobile Official Leigh Wambganss said at the rally, "We have many Jewish employees in our company and many of those have family in Israel even in the front lines."

Group photo

It’s clear to see that the hateful dissent had only brought a variety of people even closer together in their empathy for a struggling Israel.


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