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  • Carlos Turcios

Fort Worth ISD Starts Removing Sexually Explicit Books After Backlash


Fort Worth ISD is in the process of removing sexually explicit books after experiencing backlash from parents and Twitter users. Twitter user libsoftiktok posted earlier this week the list of books that Fort Worth ISD offered for students. She posted a screenshot of the email she received from the ISD letting her know that the books were not deemed appropriate for students after an examination.


The books that were in the school libraries ranged from “Gender Queer” to “Wait, What?.” Several of the books that libsoftitktok exposed were in middle and elementary schools.

“Wait, What?” is a book that teaches children about the human body, sex and gender identities. The book written by Isabella Rotman is aimed for elementary and middle school students. The characters in the book are children that use gender ideology pronouns and several pages show male and female genitalia.


“Flamer”, “Gender Queer”, and “The Breakaways” are books found in Fort Worth ISD that are currently being removed. All of these books promote transgedenrism, gender fluidity ideology, and human sexuality to elementary and middle school students.

The story went viral on social media as several social media influencers would retweet or share what libsoftiktok exposed.

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Jul 18, 2023

Rick Barnes is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and to Tarrant County. As a Tarrant County Republican Party Precinct Chair, I have experienced first hand his condescending bully behavior and the absolute mess he has made of our finances. He needs to just go away.

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