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  • Alyssa Spencer

Fort Worth ISD Shuts Down All School Libraries While District Conducts Full Assessment Of Books

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After three books had to be removed from Fort Worth ISD libraries before the school year even began, the district has “reassigned” the individual in charge of the library catalogs, and chosen to shut down all their libraries in order to conduct a thorough review of all the reading materials.

After months of Fort Worth ISD parents raising a raucous over the hypersexualized and even pornographic reading materials available in the school districts libraries, the district has finally buckled under the pressure and agreed to thoroughly review all materials. The books that have been removed so far are the books Gender Queer, Flamer, and Wait What. The book Gender Queer in particular has caused quite the uproar amongst parents due to its shockingly pornographic content.

When parents attempted to read aloud excerpts from these books at school board meetings, the board shut them down saying that they were inappropriate to read aloud in the meeting. Parents then made the point that if the books are not appropriate to read to a room of adults, then they are certainly not appropriate materials to keep in a school library for children.

The executive director of humanities and student academic support initiatives for Fort Worth ISD, Mary Jane Bowman stated this: “Typically, what should be happening is that the director of library media services is also part of reviewing books as they’re coming in. Was that not happening this past year with these several books that were uncovered? That I am not sure,".

The district claims that in the past they have placed too much trust in publishers to tell them whether or not a book contained appropriate content for children, and they endeavor to be more involved in the book reviewing process in the future.

The battle for age appropriate content in school libraries is an ongoing battle that has been waged for many months across several school districts in multiple states. While parents have been fighting to protect their children from pornographic materials in schools, the radical left has been accusing them of “book banning” and “violating” the First Amendment.

With the constant battle between parents and their school districts, state legislatures have been passing legislation, predominately in red states, in order to protect parents rights in education. In Texas alone, several bills were passed in the recent legislative session to make it easier for parents to know and have control over what kind of content their children are exposed to in schools. Texas House Bill 900, for example, sets a new standard for what kind of book may be sold to school libraries.

The bill states that “A Library material vendor may not sell materials to a school district or open-enrollment charter school unless the vendor has issued appropriate ratings regarding sexually explicit material and sexually relevant material previously sold to a district or school. A library material vendor may not sell library material rated sexually explicit material and issue a recall for all copies of library material sold to a district or school that is: rated sexually explicit material; and in active use by the district or school.”


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