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Former Biden Campaign Staffers Call For a Gaza-Ceasefire


A group of former campaign staffers for President Biden called Biden Alumni for Peace and Justice. "We implore you, President Biden, to live that moral courage right now by stepping up to be a leader we can be proud of in the face of injustice. As President of the United States, you have significant influence in this perilous moment — you must call for a ceasefire, hostage exchange, and de-escalation, and take concrete steps to address the conditions of occupation, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing at the root of the horrific violence we are witnessing now."

The letter that was sent is mostly made up of former 2020 Biden Campaign staffers. They stressed their concern over Bidens comment last month about the conflict. President Biden had stated last month when the conflict broke that it is a “price of waging a war,” when talking about the Gaza conflict as reported by the Hill.

They go on to further state on the letter, "There will be no justice, peace, or security for Palestinians or Israelis without dismantling the status quo of the past 75 years. As the President of the United States, you have power to change the course of history, and the responsibility to save lives right now."

The letter goes on to demand the president to do the following, "Investigate whether Israel’s actions in Gaza violate the Leahy Law, prohibiting U.S. military aid from funding foreign military units implicated in the commission of gross violations of human rights..."

This was in the letter despite overwhelming evidence showing Hamas provoking and starting this conflict when they killed over 1,400 civilians on the October 7 attack on Israel. The letter also failed to condemn the attack on October 7.

The Israeli-Gaza conflict has rocked the world. It has been a polozaring issue for many and has led to mass demonstrations worldwide. From DC to London, millions have marched and are marching in support of Palestine as well as in support of Israel.


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