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  • Alyssa Spencer

DOJ Appears To Update Website To Distance Biden Administration Failures From Humanitarian Crisis

President Joe Biden in the Oval Office on Friday.Jim Watson / AFP - Getty Images

Over the last month, awareness about child sex-trafficking has exploded over the internet as a result of the movie based on a true story, Sound of Freedom. To coincide with these revelations, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently updated their website to eliminate a majority of the sections specific to child sex-trafficking.

The DOJ’s website now just contains a blanket section for human trafficking without any specific information or statistics pertaining to child sex-trafficking. The updates seem to have removed sections regarding, “International sex trafficking of minors”, “Domestic sex trafficking of minors”, and “Child victims of prostitution”. 

The DOJ has claimed that these “updates” to the website have just been in an effort to reflect the 2023 National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction. While certain materials pertaining to child sex-trafficking are present on that page, it is more buried into the website instead of being included in the easy-to-find section relegated to human trafficking.

While the DOJ has stated that the website updates have nothing to do with their continued prioritization of stopping child sex-trafficking, the department has still received backlash for their actions. Many suspect that the DOJ is trying to distance the Biden Administrations open-border style policies, from the increasing child sex-trafficking crisis. There are approximately 85,000 migrant children who have gone missing after illegally crossing the border and getting released into the U.S.

The House Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs held a hearing in April of this year where Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-Kan.) made this statement:

“Since President Biden has been in office, there have been over 4.8 million migrant encounters at the Southwest border, not including the roughly 1.3 million gotaways who evaded law enforcement completely and entered our country undetected. This unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis has overwhelmed federal officials and endangered the well-being of unaccompanied and migrant children as a result,” Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-Kan.) said during the hearing.

In June alone there were 211,575 encounters at the southern border, which means approximately 7,000 migrants were crossing into the U.S every day. These numbers raise extreme concern over how many children are falling through the cracks of the Biden Administrations policies, and how many are falling into the hands of nefarious sex-traffickers every year.


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