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  • Carlos Turcios

Congressional Candidate John O'Shea: "Our Founding Fathers Never Envisioned Career Politicians"

Meet John O'Shea, a successful businessman in Fort Worth, Texas, running for Congressional District #12 against incumbent Congresswoman Kay Granger. Kay Granger is a member of the World Economic Forum and has repeatedly supported the endless war in Ukraine.

John O'Shea details how he got involved in politics, why he is running for Texas CD-12, and stresses the importance of the church getting mobilized in the community. John talks about several topics from the Ukraine War, Transgenderism, and the problems in the Republican Party today. John O'Shea supports term limits, protecting our God-given rights, and draining the swamp.

John O'Shea's Social Media:

X (Twitter) - @oshea4texas

Instagram - Oshea4texas


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