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  • Caitlyn Burge-Surles

Colin Allred, Questioned on Hamas Funding, Threatens to Call Capitol Police

“Screenshot/Colin Allred in Capitol Offices,” Daily Caller, 2023.

The Daily Caller released footage today of a “citizen journalist” questioning Congressman Colin Allred (D-TX) on his 2021 support of the release of millions of dollars of funding to the West Bank, revealing that Rep. Allred threatened to call the Capitol Police on the journalist.

In the video, the journalist is heard asking Rep. Allred if he “regret[s] calling for the release of millions of dollars to Hamas.” Rep. Allred brushes the journalist aside and says multiple times “You’re on federal property, you can’t do this.”

A woman pictured walking next to Rep. Allred states that the journalist “really can’t do that in here” and Rep. Allred later offers to “get the Capitol Police” for the journalist.

The journalist asks Rep. Allred if he regrets voting against protective Iron Dome funding, to which Rep. Allred again asserts that the journalist needs to cease asking questions as they are on federal property.

According to the House Radio Television Correspondents’ Gallery, “Videotaping and audio recording are permitted in the public areas of the House and Senate office buildings.” All members of media filming “news events” must be accredited.

Most recently, Rep. Allred’s office published a press release pushing the Biden Administration to “refreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets.” Rep. Allred’s statement in the press release claimed that “the United States must explore all options available to us to hold Hamas and their Iranian backers accountable.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called his senatorial opponent’s intentions into question, saying Rep. Allred was “enabling terrorism by promoting humanitarian aid that Hamas was sure to divert” according to Dallas Morning News. Allred had formerly insisted on providing expedient financial aid to the area in 2021 despite the Department of State’s warnings that Hamas could gain benefit from the funds.

Rep. Allred will challenge Sen. Cruz in the 2024 senatorial elections.


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