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  • Joseph Porter

Biden Spends Week in Hawaii Shamelessly Lying to Victims and Sleeping During Memorials


After continued controversy due to the lackluster federal response to the disaster. The death count of which has claimed upwards of a thousand lives and destroyed many homes and livelihoods. President Biden was able to finally visit the island this week and witness the destruction firsthand. However, the visitation has proven to be particularly difficult for the 80-year-old President. 

The arrival of the President was met with less than enthusiastic energy, many Hawaiian citizens were shouting expletives and throwing rude hand gestures towards the motorcade, reflecting a rather negative sentiment that Hawaiians have felt with the listless federal response. Exemplified by the $3.8 million that was provided to the victims of the fire, in stark contrast to the nearly $100 billion that has been sent to fund a war overseas with no U.S. involvement. 

President Biden on Monday attempted to comfort the mourning citizens of Lahaina, Maui by harkening back to a 2004 house fire at his Delaware home. The nature of which he continues to lie about ever since it happened. Many of his speeches that reference the house fire exaggerate the nature of the disaster that took place. 

“I don't want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense Jill and I, what it's like to lose a home… It was a Sunday and lightning struck at home on a little lake… And make a long story short, almost lost my wife, my 67 Corvette and my cat”, President Biden said on Wednesday in an attempt to comfort the bereaved residents of Lahaina. The reality of the 2004 housefire is that it was contained to his kitchen and only lasted 20 minutes according to sources from the time. A thread on X, formerly Twitter, from the official account for RNC Research covers all the times that the President has lied about the house fire

This is not the only unfortunate highlight of the President’s week of disaster in Hawaii. There was a memorial event for the victims of the fire that the geriatric, 80-year-old President couldn’t help but doze off in the middle of. Mainstream media sites worked quickly to help The White House save face and claim that it was misinformation and that the President was bowing his head in solemnity. We will let our readers work to determine what they really think is taking place here, especially with the consideration of the fact that Hawaii is in a time zone 6 hours behind Washington, D.C.


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