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  • Alyssa Spencer

2023: The Year Conservatives Fought Back Against Pride

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Rodriguez, D.M. (2023). Protesters picket with signs outside of Sidetrack Bookshop during a Drag Queen Story Time in Royal Oak on Saturday, March 11, 2023. [photograph]. Detroit Free Press.

June is when a radical, hypersexualized agenda from the left bombards Americans. This year, however, there has been a massive response from conservatives nationwide to push back against this agenda. Here are the top five victories that conservatives have won in the first half of 2023.

1. On June 30th, the Supreme Court sharply rebuked the state of Colorado’s attempt to force Christian business owners to bow down to the whims of the LGBTQ community. The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of a Christian graphic designer in Colorado who refused to design a wedding website for a same-sex couple based on her religious beliefs.

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote for the majority stating, “The First Amendment prohibits Colorado from forcing a website designer to create expressive designs speaking messages with which the designer disagrees.”

This landmark decision is a massive step in the battle to protect free speech and religious freedom in America.

2. The company Anheuser-Busch has lost a devastating 27 billion dollars due to its celebration of transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. The boycott began in April when the company chose to ask transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who is well known for his offensive caricatures of women, to advertise Bud-Light beer for them.

Target is experiencing similar losses over partnering with a known satanist to sell Pride month paraphernalia in Target stores that included “tuck-friendly swimsuits” and Pride month swag gear in children's sizes.

These boycotts show corporate America that conservatives will not be forced into submission by the radical left agenda.

3. Starbucks invoked the wrath of their workers during June as they pulled back pride displays at stores. The workers claim these were “unfair labor practices,” and many employees went on strike.

While Starbucks corporate has denied that this is to avoid backlash from conservatives, the Starbucks workers union alleges that pulling the pride displays is in reaction to the backlash that Target and Anheuser-Busch have received in the last two months.

4. Texas Governor Greg Abbott chose to defy the radical agenda of the left by protecting women’s college sports. He signed the “Save Women's Sports Act '' into law, requiring college-level athletes to compete on teams corresponding to their biological sex.

The signing of this bill will help to ensure the protection and integrity of women’s sports for college athletes in Texas. Governor Abbott made a statement regarding the passing of the legislation:

"Today is an important day for female athletes across the state of Texas, including little girls who aspire to one day compete in college sports," said Governor Abbott. "The Save Women's Sports Act protects young women at Texas colleges and universities by prohibiting men from competing on a team or as individuals against them in college sports. Sports have inspired many women to cast bold visions and dreams of their goals. The legacy of women's sports will be safeguarded for generations to come. Women in Texas can be assured that the integrity of their sports will be protected in our state."

5. Drag show performances took a devastating blow after much backlash and protest from parents and communities. Several “family-friendly” drag shows across the country were canceled in a strong effort to protect children from sexually explicit “entertainment.”

One such canceled drag show was in Jasper, Indiana, and was advertised as “family-friendly.” It was canceled after being exposed online by the famed Libs of Tik Tok account. The advertisement for the event had encouraged “children of all ages” to attend the show.

The tide is turning in America as the culture war rages on. The radical left's agenda continues to lose ground as conservatives fight for the values that made America great.


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